Wow! No regrets - best wedding band EVER!

Aside from marrying the man of my dreams, hiring Search Party was one of the best wedding decisions I could have made! Bar none, this was the hippest... Read More

They were an absolute joy to work with and I couldn't imagine my wedding without them! I worked mostly with Charlie and he very patiently answered all my questions and helped... Read More

Search Party was AMAZING!!!! Everyone (even people I wasn't expecting) were out on the dance floor the whole night. Not only were the vocals stunning and accurate, they had such style and were so much fun... Read More

I can't tell you how many people at my 160+ wedding came to me that night asking where they could buy the music from the band. We had a multi-racial, multigenerational wedding and they just knew when and what to play to keep everyone on the dance floor... Read More

I couldn’t stop dancing, and towards the end I stopped visiting with guests and didn’t leave the dance floor until the wedding was over. That was easy, though, because most guests were dancing anyway... Read More

I'm a big believer that the most important part of a wedding reception is the band - the right band makes the evening. Search Party, under Charlie's able leadership, played great music, was energetic and engaged, and kept folks (including us) on the dance floor all night... Read More

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