Charlie and his band Search Party were probably one of the biggest reasons I had so much fun at my own wedding. I couldn’t stop dancing, and towards the end I stopped visiting with guests and didn’t leave the dance floor until the wedding was over. That was easy, though, because most guests were dancing anyway. In addition to the songs they learned for our first dance and father-daughter dance (which were perfect), the songs they played worked remarkably great for the mixed crowd. It was a wonderful compellation of classics and more current songs, upbeat and fun songs, and a few romantic slow dances too. What I thought was most impressive was that they sounded better live than in their recordings! The female vocalist, Sara, gave me the chills multiple times, and the saxophonist and trumpet players were just phenomenal. About a dozen guests came up and asked me where I found this band. Several others told me this was by far the best wedding band they had ever heard. They even let my uncle (who is also in a band) get up and play his harmonica with them for a few songs! I could not have been happier with Search Party, and I really hope I get invited to a wedding where they’re playing again... I know it will be a blast!


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